03 agosto 2015

Latest news...Ultimas noticias

After having a holiday break, these are the most important news in my opinion: let´s have a look!
                                                                     Is this Anne Boleyn's ghost?
A tourist who was visiting the childhood home of the beheaded queen, Hever Castle, captured a spooky image of what he claims is her ghost and in the photo we can see a hand with a long finger pointing towards the chimmney and the tourist thought there is something important historically inside the fireplace. Look at the photos and think about the building that Anne haunts.
Queen Elizabeth II becomes Britain's longest-reigning Monarch: 

Her Majesty became queen at 25 and at 89, she had ruled for 23,226 days. The first Queen Elizabeth gave her name to an age, as did Victoria, in an ever more powerful kingdom. But this is not going to be the legacy of this Elizabeth, who has reigned over Britain's long transition from Empire to Commonwealth, from world power to relative international insignificance.

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