29 abril 2015

Teddy Bear Hospital...el hospital de los ositos de peluche

The "Teddy Bear Hospital" (TBH) is a Public Health project for 3-6 year old children and its aim is to avoid children´s fear of doctors and hospitals. The project tries to familiarize children in a friendly atmosphere in a hospital: children are now the parents of their teddy bear and are responsible for their sick little friends taking care of these unusual patients.
Most teddy bears have fractures of legs and arms and when the doctor writes a prescription, the child can get some "medicine" sweets in the TBH pharmacy.
El Hospital de los ositos de peluche es un proyecto con el que se pretende que los niños pierdan el miedo a médicos y hospitales haciéndoles partícipes de la salud de sus pequeños pacientes.

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